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The best manufacturer of corrugated metal roofs and cladding with high quality. We offers a range of roofing and cladding options. With the best material providing improved corrosion protection, our roofing and cladding profiles are durable, strong metal grades, colours and shapes. For commercial, industrial, rural or domestic use, the variety of products in our roofing and cladding range have been designed to meet your specific applications.

Our Services

Roof Construction

We provide you the best quality of corrugated metal roof for your building.

Cladding & Accessories Construction

Not only roofs, we also provide you with the best quality of corrugated Cladding & Accessories for your building.

Best Quality Products

We produce best quality products, because we use materials that are in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), and are also supported by the use of forming machines (from Japan) and folding machines (from Switzerland)


Products Warranty

We gave you up to 10 years warranty for all our products under certain conditions

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PT Yane Manufaktur Indonesia was established as the manufacturer of high-quality corrugated roofs & walls. And we installed first machine, Folding Machine 6.4m installation (Flashing ±6 meters) and Forming Machine Yane 600 R installation (Corrugated Roof H : 90 mm)


We recieve our First Forming On Site Project at Showa Katou Indonesia (Kawasan Industri Surya Cipta)


We installed other machine to boost our productivity. Those are Folding Machine 4.0 m installation (Flashing ± 4 meters) and Forming Machine Yane 600 L installation (Corrugated Roof H : 90 mm)

Years Established

Completed Projects


PT Yane Manufaktur Indonesia is a manufacturer of high-quality corrugated roofs and walls since year 2013. And we are the first roof and metal wall company in Indonesia that received ISO 9001: 2015 from the Lloyd Certification Institution in January 2016.

We believe that the products we have are high quality, strong and durable because they use materials that are in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), and are also supported by the use of forming machines (from Japan) and folding machines (from Switzerland) that are both precision machines and keep up with the latest technological developments.

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Processes from approval to production implementation by prioritizing services throughout the production process to handling customer complaints

What is Yane Manufaktur Do?

PT Yane Manufaktur Indonesia  is a Roofing & Cladding company who produce and supply to end user, customer, applicator works. PT Yane Manufaktur Indonesia  has been trading and the present management structure has been in place since 2013, carrying forward the traditions of the company. We have a simple philosophy within our business in that the most important people in our company are our clients. We give a solutions for all about roofing ideas, estimates, consultations, inspection, installation, repair, redesign, ventilation and to get costs and quotes for services.

Is any building can use Yane products?

We provide corrugate roof not only factory building but also bus station, hangar, warehouse building and many more.

There are any warranty for each product?

You are also entitled to be compensated for any broken roofing or cladding for each our products under certain conditions.

Are those product safe for the environment?

Yane material is considered the most environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing material available. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable.

How do we get this product?

Give us a shout at 021-8248 1254. , and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We value your time, and appreciate your business. Working with us you can be sure you’ve hired the best roofing company

Client Testimonials

It is a pleasure to work with a company that provides fast and reliable service at a very competitive price. We appreciate the quality of your worksmanship and like the assurance we get because it comes with a guarantee too.

Ramdani Januar Raebe

Sales Executive, Adiputra Catur Abadi

I must say that we are extremely excited about the product . We are well satisfied. Thanks for a good job.



In our search for a suitable roof, your company was the only one that took the time to talk to us to find out exactly what we needed.

Raja P Munthe

Sales Executive, Mega Kencana Semesta

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