Safety & Handling

How to handle up to the efficient and safe storage of finished materials and safe workers


Storage areas should not be exposed to rain. Material stacks must be tilted, so that there is no possibility of standing water and must be stored in a dry state. If there is a puddle of water, the pool of water must be able to quickly flow down so that the surface dries quickly.

If there is a wet material, dry it immediately with clean cloth before stacking. And also a stack of material should not come in direct contact with soil, dirt, floors, garbage and puddles, and the stack of material must be covered with cover sheet or cloth that is not water translucent. If the floor under the stack of material is still in the form of soil, then the cover sheet must be supported. So that there is for air circulation so that the air does not become moist.

    • Place the production of forming in accordance with predetermined standards and the stacked production must be bound.
    • The transfer of the roof can use spreaders and web slings that are adjusted to the lifting capacity or manually using a rope.
    • Make sure the support distance is in accordance with established standards and is adjusted to the type of roof / wall to be installed.
    • Perform leveling checks ( leveling gording ) before installing the roof.
    • The side connection is only one wave while the longitudinal direction is at least 200 mm and given a waterproof substance ( Sealant ).
    • Make sure the position of the hook and stiffener are in the right position.
    • The position of the foot when walking on the roof that has been installed must be in the position of the valley of the roof and use special shoes (shoes with soft soles).
    • After installation of the roof / wall, immediately clean the surface of the material against dirt, oil, chemical liquid, iron powder, cement and the remaining unused accessories that can cause damage to the surface of the material that can eliminate the warranty that we will provide (survey will be conducted before the issuance of
      the warranty ).

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